Over The Falls

A game of rapid adventure.



Niagara Falls has been a destination for world explorers, history seekers, and daredevils alike since its discovery over 300 years ago. The 20th century witnessed its first daredevil make a successful attempt over the Falls in 63-year-old Annie Taylor. Many others would follow in Annie's footsteps, but their fates would not all be so fortunate.

I created a board game to honor the daredevils who took the plunge, bringing a voice to the people who willingly risked their lives in the hopes of attaining fame and fortune. Players step into the shoes (or barrel) of a daredevil hoping for survival, but soon realize that even the most promising attempts to remain alive are no match for luck and fate.






Art Director: Paul Kepple
Photographer: Sam Fritch





Creative Quarterly 33
Featured on DesignWorkLife